Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Definition of Community

         Most of my blogs are about living the country life in a homesteading sense. About planting fruits and veggies, and harvesting them and canning them, or baking and cooking with them. Raising chickens and enjoying fresh eggs. Country life, for me was learning to get used to the absolute dark and quiet (that there aren't zombies hiding behind trees). Appreciating the amount of light a full moon on a clear night can cast over you, an so much more.

When my family decided to move out to the country there was a lot on our minds.

Where do we live after we inevitably over stay our welcome with my Dad? Where will the kids go to school? Will it be easy for them to make new friends. Will I be able to find something to do with my time when both of the boys are in school and so on?

Somewhere in and between all of these questions we learned  a new word. Well not so much a new word but we learned to see it in a whole new light.


 When I hear  the word community I think about the surroundings we live in. That's not wrong, you can use that word to describe your town or your neighbourhood, but there is another definition.

The definition of community is;

a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

We are so lucky that we have met a group of families that have welcomed us and that encompass the very meaning of community so much so that I'm getting a little misty writing this.

I've never had this feeling before. This feeling that if I need help I can call any one of these people and they will be there to help my family. Whether it be a ride to town to so that I can get groceries or an extra set of hands to help Anthony fix our car.

 I met ladies that saw a newcomer in town and made an effort to include not just me but my family in their activities. Ladies that are kind and uplifting and give you that push when you're feeling down and more then anything ladies that make me LAUGH! Families that are raising their children with similar values. It's a huge deal to put a  group of kids together and have NONE of them cry or fight.

Now when I think of My Not So Pioneer Life I think of more then just the planting and harvesting. I think about the community of people and how it really does take a village not just to raise your children but to raise your family.