Friday, 1 August 2014

How did we get here and where are we going?

About 4 months ago my husband and I decided to press the restart button on life. Anthony had just lost his job and we were faced with the decision to continue on in the rat race of the city or take our kids and invade my Dads hobby farm in Thomasburg Ontario. Country life has always appealed to me...the fresh air the space, being able to let your kids run wild and not have to worry about cars and other dangers the city may bring. And what about the country shops,  antique markets and being able to buy farm fresh eggs directly from the farm?  But like anything there are things to consider like being 35 minuted from the closest city. Which means running to Walmart isn't so easy. There aren't any parks or recreation centre's at every turn like they have in Brampton that's for sure. In the end we decided that country life was going to be the life for our family. So we sold our home packed up a U Haul said goodbye to our wonderful neighbourhood and took the plunge. We are now occupying my Dad's attic space which I have to say is kind of cool...slanty but cool. Now don't get me wrong, we aren't in the middle of nowhere.  We are a 10 minute drive from the village of Tweed which offers mostly all of the essentials.  Two ice cream shops ,a bakery grocery store and The House of Boutiques.  I haven't been in The House of Boutiques yet but you can bet your bottom dollar that you're going to hear about it soon!  Since moving in two weeks ago herb gardens have been planted as well as a garden to attract honey bees...I'm hoping to have my own hive going at some point. My kids are out more often than not riding on tractors looking for things boys look for. I have been given wonderful gifts as of late, snakes, worms,  salamanders, frogs. I think this no so pioneer life is going to work out for us. Our final plan is to build our own home on my Dads property.  Anthony is starting school in two weeks and is going to be starting a career in public speaking,  a far stretch from his life as a journeymen millwright but a perfect fit for him none the less. And me...where do I fit into this puzzle?  My 83 year old grandmother made sure that I knew my place was to be cook and cleaner. Which I happily accept. I have been a stay at home Mom for almost 7 years so there's always things to do. But if it were up to me and I had all those extra hands, I would want to keep chickens and bees...not together of course. I've been told that rats come with chickens. I want to bake and grow apples and fruits and preserve then in jars. I want to sell pumpkins from my pumpkin patch and have  cold cellar full of potatoes and onions from the oversized garden my Dad planted for me. I want to teach my kids about nature and how to care for and keep animals. And so begins my not so pioneer life. I hope you will join me for the ride!